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Assistance with Household Tasks

CHOICES can help you maintain your home environment to the standard you like.

This may include:

House cleaning and other household activities – We perform these tasks for you and/or assist you to develop skills to complete them yourself– whichever option suits you best.  Tasks may include, but not limited to, cleaning toilets and bathrooms, wiping bench tops and cupboard doors and assisting with dish washing, making beds, laundry, grocery shopping, ironing, floor washing and vacuuming.

Cooking – Would you like help making meals – including learning how to prepare meals – or do you need a meal cooked for you?  Our staff will be happy to help.

Example 1: Steve has recently moved out to live on his own and is still learning the household chores that he needs to do to maintain his home. Steve has arranged for a CHOICES Personal Assistant to come to his home twice a week to support him with his laundry and vacuuming and washing his floor. At first, the assistant  shows him how to complete the task, then over time Steve began to undertake small parts himself with the aim of being able to do them on his own in the future.

Example 2: Sarah lives in a house with two other people. Due to her disability, Sarah requires support to complete some of her household tasks. Sarah’s CHOICES Personal Assistant visits once a week to clean the bathroom, kitchen and floors. Sarah and her housemates are able to manage the other household task so they do not request support with these.    

If you would like more information on this CHOICE you can contact us or we can contact you.

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