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Building Dreams and Aspirations

We understand that putting plans in place to achieve your dreams and aspirations can appear daunting, but it is a wonderful opportunity for you to take control and be in the driving seat of your life and future.  Where your hopes and dreams are at the centre of the planning process, not what others think you should do or have.

Our CHOICES Planners will support you to start thinking in a different way; helping you consider what you want your life to look like and what your goals and aspirations are. We won’t have all the answers on how to achieve a good life, because that is different for everyone, but we do have the skills and the tools to help you choose what a good life is for YOU.

The CHOICES Planners will work with you and your selected support network to map out your future path. This can be done at your home or wherever you feel comfortable, where we will support you to discuss and identify your goals and identify the steps needed to help you achieve them.

The format, length and detail of the plan will be developed by you with the support of a planner. For example, you may choose to document the plan in a pictorial format or in writing,  or both. After all, it’s your plan. We will help you feel connected and committed to progressing your plan and achieving your dreams.

If you would like more information on this CHOICE you can contact us or we can contact you.


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