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Registered Plan Management Provider

Would you like someone to manage your funding package with you? Plan Management may be what you are after.

A registered plan management provider is a term used to describe an individual or organisation that undertakes the management of funds within your plan.

You may request a registered plan manager to manage some or all of the funding within your plan.

A registered plan management provider might undertake Financial Activities or Plan Management activities.

Financial Activities – These activities are similar to that of a bookkeeper, we will set up arrangements with your selected providers and pay invoices on your behalf once the claim has been made from the NDIA. .

Plan Management Activities – We will work with you to strengthen your ability to manage your supports. If you are interested in working towards self-management, we will support you to develop your financial skills. As part of Plan Management, we will assist you to select providers, develop services agreements, claim payment from the NDIA and pay your providers.

You can select the CFO Plan Management Team as your registered plan management provider and to deliver financial activities in line with your plan. We have mechanisms in place for dealing with any potential conflict of interest should you choose the CFO Plan Management Team to provide Plan Management as well as some or all of your other supports. These mechanisms include ethical, financial and administrative policies and procedures.

If you would like information on this service please contact us by calling 02 6163 7600 or email us on

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