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Do you need transport to medical appointments or to go shopping? Perhaps to visit friends or go to the movies? CHOICES provides safe and reliable transport to get you to any community, social, work or daily life activities.

All vehicles have comprehensive insurance and drivers hold a current drivers licence.

Transport is only provided as part of or in addition to another service line item.

Example:  Amy does her grocery shopping at the local supermarket.  Amy’s Personal Assistant picks her up from home and provides transport to get there.  Together, they do the grocery shopping and return home. Amy’s personal Assistant helps her unload and unpack her groceries as she is unable to do this on her own.

Travel training

Would you like to become more independent and learn how to catch buses? Transport training may be for you. We can support you to learn how to catch buses and become confident with getting to and from places more independently.

Example:  James wants to catch buses to work but is not confident on his own.  James selects a CHOICES Personal Assistant who spends time with him, helping him learn the bus routes and timetable for buses to and from work.  When James feels ready to do so he will complete this task independently.

If you would like more information on this CHOICE you can contact us or we can contact you.

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