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Community, Social and Civic Activities

What do you like to do in your free time? Do you enjoy art, movies, live music, swimming, participating in clubs, attending sports games or visiting exhibitions and galleries?  CHOICES can assist you to enjoy the community, social and civic activities of your choice.

We will help you select a Personal Assistant with similar interests to support you during these activities and develop your ability to take part in the activities.

Do you need a lift? CHOICES also offers a transport service to get you there safely and in comfort.

Example 1: Rose gets very anxious when she is in group situations. She decides to engage a CHOICES Personal Assistant to accompany and support her to attend and participate in a weekly pottery class that runs at her local community centre. The CHOICES Worker provides moral support and encouragement when Rose begins to get anxious and supports Rose to meet the other members of the group with Rose’s goal being to attend independently in the future.  

Example 2: Lisa loves the Canberra Raiders but is not able to get to the live games.  CHOICES organises for Lisa to buy a season pass and assists Lisa to selects a CHOICES Personal Assistant who also loves footy to go with her to the games. CHOICES also provides transport to and from the game. 

Example 3: Paul loves spending time at the local markets, however due to his disability Paul requires support to develop an understanding of boundaries so that he is able to establish positive relationships with store staff and other shoppers. The CHOICES Personal Assistant accompanies Paul to the Markets once a week for a coffee and models appropriate behaviour so that Paul can develop his skills around social interaction.


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