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Life Stages, Transitions and Support

We can help you explore support options, select from the often overwhelming range of services and help you manage these. CHOICES offers professional case coordination and/or support connection services. You will be able to choose from a number of highly skilled and dedicated people who work with YOU and your selected support team to assess, implement, coordinate and monitor the options and services available to you. This may include assistance with things like budgeting, life planning or resolving crisis situations.

Example 1: Jessica wants to be actively involved in planning her support services but gets overwhelmed by the huge range of options available and has trouble understanding the difference between different service providers. Jessica purchases CHOICES Support Coordination Services to assist in identifying, setting up and monitoring the services she engages. We attend meetings with Jessica to support her in negotiating her support arrangements and provide her with information about other options /services that she may wish to look at. We also help Jessica to review the support she is purchasing to ensure she is spending her funding package in the most effective way.

Example 2: James’ parents are aging and they want to make sure that if they are no longer able to care for James there is someone else to help him coordinate his support arrangements. James has chosen to engage a number of different support providers to ensure that no one agency is responsible for his support. James purchases CHOICES Support Coordination Services to liaise with the different agencies and monitor the quality of the service he is receiving. If one of the agencies is unable to deliver a service, James’ Support Coordinator assists with finding another suitable agency to deliver that service.  

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